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Help Reverse Global Warming

Environmental Sustainability Action at no cost

Changing the way we produce food demands participation and collaboration to help reduce global warming, and to leave a healthier planet for the next generations. We facilitate that.

The Opportunity

At ZERO IMPACT we see global warming as an opportunity to reimagine the way things are done and find new, innovative ways to begin the reduction of greenhouse gases in order to reverse global warming. Our solution offers our partners a way to contribute substantially to its environmental stainability goals at zero cost.

For Companies that are committed to helping reduce the effect of global warming it is challenging to find meaningful, measurable ways to begin the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. They struggle to translate their commitments into actions and become a more sustainable business. This is especially true for companies in the Food and Beverage Sector, which account for 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Solution

There has been a shift in the role environmental sustainability has as part of CSR policies. It has moved from “doing no harm” to “doing good”. This shift is driven by a global awareness that it is time to act and stop climate change. Identifying specific areas where a business can make a positive and durable impact on the environment can be challenging. The way we produce our food is one of the main contributors to global warming but it can become one of the main solutions. If consumers, businesses and farmers work together, the food system can help to reduce, instead of produce, greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 .

Climate Finance

To reverse global warming investments are needed. For us, financing to reverse global warming is an incentive to innovate, not penalty for previous mistakes.


Sustainable Environmental Policy

Participating businesses will be offered specific agricultural projects that need investment to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint.


Climate Smart Agriculture

Conventional agriculture contributes to global warming. As much as 24% of all global greenhouse gas emotions come from conventional agriculture.


Live Projects


Restauration of the Iberian Steppes: a unique eco-system in decline

Project: Conservation of the Iberian Steppes Location Castilla-La Mancha, Spain Funding Micro donations from passengers visiting the 80+ bars and restaurants in 12+ airports in Spain, operated SSP Spain, experts in creating and running food outlets where people are...

Our Success Stories

Our Values 

Environmentally Sound

Climate change is nothing new. The rate at which is changes is. We are inspired by the impact technical solutions are making to reduce global warming. We are convinced ecological solutions have the same potential.

Together with agronomists and scientist we look for new ways to harness the power of our natural systems and implement what works. There is still time, but not for half measures.

Socially Just

The generations before us lacked the knowledge to act. We don’t and that gives us a shared responsibility to act. For that we need to cooperate with nature and with each other and confront the human causes of global warming.

We are not activists. Our agenda is human. We are convinced that it is our duty to leave a better earth behind for the future generations. Anything else would be asocial.

Future Proof

The food sector will be impacted more and more by the effects of global warming. Rising costs, increased regulations and pressure on eco-systems make the business environment unpredictable and threaten the viability of companies in the food sector.

We believe that solutions to reduce global warming also need to strengthen the viability and resilience of businesses. This allows them to do good instead of just preventing harm.

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