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Project: La Ferme de la Lou’Poite


Alpes Haute the Provence (France)


Income diversification and complementarity, increased biodiversity, natural resource and soil management, microclimate, windbreaks.

Facts & Figures

  • 7.7 hectare.
  • 693 trees planted.
  • Tree species: medlar, pistachio, pomegranate, mulberry, apple, pear, goji, currant, walnut.


About the Project

Marion Soum settled in the Alpes de Hautes Provence on a 7.7 ha farm 2 years ago. The objective is to redesign the plot of land, which is sloping and in one piece, following its use for barley cultivation. She would like to grow PAPAM in a resilient, soil-friendly and biodiversity-enhancing way.

The project
Marion would like to re-establish hedges (biodiversity, fruit trees, windbreaks), tree rows with herbal, aromatic and medicinal plants in between, pollard willows for biomass and small animal fodder and herbal, aromatic and medicinal plants on terraces.

Within the tree line area, fruit species such as pistachio, pomegranate and medlar will be planted, between berry bushes such as goji, physalis and mulberry. The aim is to rotate the medicinal plant beds with green manures.

Objectives: Diversification and complementarity of income, increase of biodiversity, management of natural resources and soil, microclimate, windbreak.


Project Update


What we are working on 

Including all types of landscaping: Fruit trees aligned between medicinal plant beds, biodiversity hedges, fruit and windbreaks, pollard willows.



Result So Far
  • The trees are used for fruit, composted wood chips, fodder, ecosystem services.
  • Agricultural production: herbal, aromatic and medicinal herbs, small fruits, fruits, small animals