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Project: Domaine des Coteaux des Travers

Domaine des Coteaux des Travers


Rasteau, France


Windbreaks, shading, increased biodiversity, improved wine quality by reducing alcohol levels and a better image for the sector.

Facts & Figures

  • 10.7 hectare
  • 498 trees planted
  • Hackberry, maple, oak, melias, plane tree, apricot, cherry, almond, olive, laurel, mulberry, medlar, pomegranate, arbutus, rosemary, cistus.


About the Project

Marine wanted to improve the environmental and climatic resilience of her estate while making working conditions easier. Wine quality and biodiversity are important issues for her.

The estate owns 10 ha in the commune of Rasteau and 2 ha in the commune of Cairanne. In 2017, the estate acquired 30 ha, under reconstruction, in the Massif d’Uchaux. Since then, 7.5 ha have been replanted.

Since 2016 Marine and Paul, her children, have been working on the estate. After obtaining her doctorate in therapeutic organic chemistry, Marine returned to the estate and began to rediscover the work of winemaking, mainly. Paul, for his part, returned to the estate in 2016 following his engineering studies in industrial engineering studies and 2 years of discovering Australia. He focused
mainly on learning how to work the vineyard

The project
Marine plans to plant hedges in the vineyards to provide shade and coolness in summer and to bring in crop protection agents and biodiversity.

Project Update

What we are working on 

We are planting different species of trees. These trees are planted on the edge of plots but also within them. The aim of agroforestry is to rehabilitate natural predators (chickadees, bats, etc.) of vineyard pests. To do this, we add nesting boxes and perches for birds of prey to our plots.


Result So Far

  • Grass cover: this consists of sowing different plants, which will work and feed the soil. These plants will host pollinating insects and other predators for pests. These plant coverings protect our soils from erosion and drought and provide the organic matter necessary for the proper functioning of our soils.